Ukulele tabs songs

Ukulele tabs songs

Have you ever wondered why both The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and Hey, Soul Sister by the Train, apart from being super catchy, have an impressive sounding “guitar”? Well, that’s because the instrument you’re hearing is called the Ukulele. As you’ve guessed by now, it’s a small string instrument shaped like a guitar made of four nylon strings that you pluck to produce sound. A person typically uses their bare thumb alone or together with the fingertips. There’s also the option, like the guitar, to use a felt pick.

Brief history

This instrument first made its appearance in the music scene in the 19th century and is considered native to Hawaii. It looked a lot similar to the Portuguese machete but was customized to be a bit larger upon entering the territory. The King at that time grew to love the instrument and proceeded to encourage everyone to create songs using the ukulele. In 1886 is when it was played for the first hula dancer.

It, however, started featuring in the US in the 20th century, quickly adopted in the Jazz Age. It was later in the 1990s to 2000s that it caught on, with YouTube helping to boost its popularity. Ukuleles vary in size and construction, each producing different volume and tone. They typically come in baritone, tenor, soprano, and concert.

How to play the ukulele using tabs

You too can learn how to play it, whether belting out favorite songs or playing something original. The good thing one need not know how to read music. How then can you play? Here’s where ukulele tabs, or tablature, come in. If you’ve played guitar on an app, then you have a sight idea. It’s mostly a musical notation that shows the fingering of an instrument instead of the notes. That means the notation will be on the lines that correspond to strings or holes, depending on the apparatus, instead of a sheet showing musical pitches.

That makes playing the instrument easier than you can dream of. While it is easy to read and play, it’s only handy when you’re playing songs that you know. That’s because tabs don’t show the timing and rhythm. You, therefore, have to rely on your knowledge of how a song goes for you to play the ukulele accurately and impress people. The rule most state is this: if you can’t hum it, don’t play it because you’ll otherwise not get the song and you’ll end up frustrated.

Creating your music with the ukulele is also fast and easy. You may have spotted on a musical show, a producer or singer/songwriter playing the ukulele trying to get the song right. What makes it ideal is that you can also translate it to other string instruments. Therefore, once you understand the basics of reading tabs, doing so and writing your won stuff soon becomes a breeze.

Ukulele tabs basics

The ukulele tab is expressed in four horizontal lines made using dashes, representing each string. To know what that looks like, place the ukulele flat on a surface, strings up and the headstock (where the tuning pegs are) on your left. At the bottom you have the G-string, which will be closest to you, while the A-string is at the top, that’s the one furthest from you. The middle strings, from the bottom, are E and C.

As when reading music, you’re to read a ukulele tab from left to right. When you see any number on a string, that’s the one you’re to pluck or pick. The number indicates what fret you should press down on. These arrangements start from easy to something more complex

For simple Ukulele tab songs, you’ll find that you play singular strings in succession, pressing the fret indicated. However, for more complex arrangements written out to show rhythm and tempo, you’ll end up plucking at all the strings and frets as you would in a guitar. Again, you might not get it right, but the remedy is playing in quick succession to get what it sounds like. However, the solution is to instead use ukulele tabs as a guide to a song you’ve listed to before your starting the session.

Ukulele tabs songs

Now that you have the basics of how to play the ukulele using tabs, there is thankfully a substantially long list of favorite songs that you can learn the ukulele from. There are online platforms that make the tabs songs available to you. You can head on over to your search engine to gain access to these.

Some include Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah, Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, Perfect and Photograph, Sam Smith’s Stay with Me, and David Guetta feat. Sia Titanium. Other musicians that have a song that features the ukulele include Twenty One Pilots, Adele, Bon Iver, Louis Armstrong, Jason Mraz, Anna Kendrick, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Coldplay, One Republic, and Amy Winehouse.

Playing ukulele tabs songs and singing along

If you’ve just picked up the ukulele as the stringed instrument of choice for the first time and are learning to play, singing along to the song will be quite hard initially. However, just as with playing songs you know, singing along requires practice.

Beginning with memorizing the tabs to the song of choice, and once you’re confident, you can start singing along. You benefit greatly from taking about 15-20 minutes daily of practice, or fewer times for those with less time. However, you’re encouraged to pay often to become a better player in a shorter duration. Apart from the ability to impress those around you, you’ll benefit from the relaxed feel the ukulele will bring once you’re done playing. For you, therefore, playing ukulele tabs songs could be the avenue used to unwind. Try it today.



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