Ukulele hard case

Ukulele hard case

Once you have purchased your first ukulele, you will need a case to carry it around during long trips. The ukulele is not a heavy instrument.

A case makes it easier to carry your ukulele and protects it from damage. Today there are many ukulele hard case options. The wood and strings of the ukulele are very sensitive to humid conditions, and this makes selecting a ukulele hard case a sensitive affair.

Ukulele hard case options

One of the simpler case options is the gig bag. These have padded pouches to protect your ukulele. Some have pockets on the side to store items like strings, your cell phone and cleaning cloth. You can wear the gig on your back or carry it. The downside is that they offer little protection when you drop your ukulele.

Similar to the gigs are cases. You can have either a soft or hard case. The difference is that a hard case functions like a motorcycle helmet while the soft case is a hybrid between the hard case and the gig.

The hard case is often made from plywood, carbon fiber, fiberglass or thermoplastic. It offers more protection for your ukulele from climatic conditions like snow and rainfall. The hard case is also suitable if you happen to drop it as little damage is done on your ukulele. Plywood while protecting your ukulele from damage is also lightweight and will not put a strain on your shoulders when traveling. some of the hard case have pouches to store your essential items.

Fitness and humidity

The first thing you need to do when purchasing your ukulele hard case is that it fits perfectly into the bag. You do not want to travel with a bag that wiggles around.

The hard case should be appropriately shaped to accommodate the size of your ukulele. You should not struggle fitting it into the case.

The ukulele is made from wood and as you know humidity is an enemy of wood. If you live in an area that is very humid, then the best way to protect your ukulele is to purchase a humidifier. The humidifier will absolve any moisture near your ukulele, and this protects it from damage.

The next step is to select a ukulele that fits your taste. Hard case come in various colors and styles, and you can select one depending on your preferences. The exterior of the ukulele hard case can be personalized through an exterior lining. Some people will have alligator covers or have a Tolex cover. Personalizing your ukulele will largely depend on your budget and tastes. You can customize your hard case as much as you want as long as it does not interfere with the storage of the ukulele.


Selecting a ukulele hard case is the next step once you have purchased a ukulele. It enables you to keep your favorite instrument safe and secure when traveling and during humid conditions. While the case protects the ukulele you also need to be careful that you do not leave it in areas where the case might be crashed.



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