Top Ukulele songs

Top Ukulele songs

Some of your favorite songs sound better when played through a Ukulele. Playing the Ukulele is interesting, but you need to learn how to tune, chords and strumming before you can become a pro and product your songs.

We are going to highlight some of the top Ukulele songs plus the chords so that you can practice them in your free time. Some of the songs were not initially produced on the Ukulele, but they sound better on it.

Can’t Help Falling in love

This is a song by the duo twenty pilots – Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. The duo has created a craze through their electric live performances. The band started its journey during the duos college days in 2009 in Columbus.

The main chords used include Am, A7, B7, C, Dm7, Em, Em7, F, G, and G7

Over the Rainbow

Hawaii has been synonymous with the Ukulele. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole produced this folk song in 1993. He also produced ‘what a wonderful world. His songs have been used in various film and commercials.

Main chords played: Am, C, D, Dm7, Em, E7, F, and G


This song is available in various genres like Canadian, Blues, Rock, and folk. It was produced by Leonard Cohen who also happens to be a poet and novelist. The Canadian poet moved to the US in 1967 after facing disappointment as a novelist and poet.

Main chords in the song include Am, C, Em, F, and G

Hey There Delilah single

This is a popular song in nightclubs when they are playing rock songs. It has been produced by the band Plain White T’s from Illinois United States. The band has often filled concerts with fans craving some pop-punk.

Main chords include A, Bm, D, Gbm, and G

The Judge

Twenty pilots make it to our list again with this indie pop song called the Judge. The music duo consists of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. The group has been leaving their fans begging for more through their acoustic live performance.

Chords used Am, B, C, Dm, Em, F, and G

Count on me

Most of the songs by Bruno Mars have the Ukulele instrument. Peter Gene Hernandez from Hawaii is the one who uses the stage name, Bruno Mars. One of his best hits is Just the Way you are. Count me belongs to the slow jam and R&B genre.

The chords include Am, C, Dm, Em, F, and G

Stay with me

The British singer Sam Smith produced this song. It belongs to the soul and pop genre. Sam started his musical career in 2012 and within a short while he was on the number 11 spot for the UK singles chart.

Chords used Am, C, F, and G

All of Me

The song produced by John Legend belongs to the neo-soul genre. The musician has won many Grammy’s and is an accomplished songwriter.

The chords in the song include Bbm, Db, Eb, Fm, and Ab.


You can always check out the lyrics to some of these songs and practice on them. The songs are easy to learn and sing along to.




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