Things to know about Soprano Ukulele Chords

Soprano Ukulele Chords

What many beginners do not know is that you can play numerous different songs once you learn the right chords. The various chords also come with different variations.

In this article, we will be looking at various soprano ukulele chords and some of their variations.

Choosing the ukulele

When beginning training for the ukulele, the first thing you will need is to select the right ukulele. There are various types of ukulele in the market – some expensive and others relatively cheap. One of the ukulele recommended for beginners is the soprano ukulele. It is small in size, affordable and measures 21 inches. It also can play 12-14 frets. Learning how to play soprano ukulele chords is easy.

After the soprano, we have the alto ukulele. This is longer at 23 inches and has between 15 and 20 frets. It produces a more robust sound compared to the soprano and is recommended for persons with fuller hands.

The tenor ukulele measures 26 inches and can produce more than 15 frets. The sound is better than the concert ukulele, and you can experience more notes with the extended fretboard. When it comes to size, the largest of the ukulele is the baritone ukulele. This measures 30 inches and has more than 19 frets. While it is recommended for those seeking rich music it losses some of the ukulele sounds in the process.

The ukulele needs to be tuned frequently so that it can produce the best sounds. There various types of strings in the market and you need to identify one that suits your ukulele.

Parts of the Soprano Ukulele

It is recommended that you learn the different components of the ukulele before you start playing it. The first part of the soprano ukulele is the body. There is a hollow wooden part that you can strum on. The next part is the neck. This has strings attached with the fretboard at the end. The fretboard has knobs that you use to tune your ukulele.

On the neck, we have frets divided be metal dividers. This is the area with the soprano ukulele chords. Each of the frets on the neck produces different notes called chords.

The soprano ukulele has four strings – with the topmost been the highest. The notes differ because of the thickness of the strings.

Tuning the soprano ukulele chords

Before you can start playing your ukulele, you need to tune it. Tuning either loosens or tightens the strings on your ukulele. As you tune, the ukulele different sounds will be produce – high or low. Most of the time people tighten the strings rather than loosen them. The top note is often the G chord followed by C, E, and A. Beginners can now take advantage of electronic tuners that help in fine-tuning your ukulele.


The soprano ukulele is a favorite for beginners. It is easy to learn and affordable. Before you start playing the ukulele, you need first to understand the basics and learn how to tune it. A poorly tuned ukulele is a nightmare for the player.

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