Soprano vs. concert ukulele

Soprano vs. concert ukulele

If you have never owned a ukulele before then, it can be confusing make a choice between the soprano vs. concert ukulele.

There are lots of brands, sizes, types, and strings that knowing what to purchase can be a challenge.

This guide will help you sort out the confusion in soprano vs. concert ukulele.

Ukulele Types

The first thing you need to learn when it comes to getting the right ukulele is that there are four types – soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. A new version of the soprano called the sopranissimo has been gaining traction. It is smaller than the soprano.

Their sizes define ukulele. The smallest is the soprano and measures 20 inches/51cm. The soprano is the most played ukulele and is often recommended for beginners. The next type is the concert ukulele. This is larger and measures 23 inches/58cm. An outstanding feature in soprano vs. concert ukulele is that the concert has more room for frets and this makes it better to handle than the soprano. The concert is also louder and produces that distinct ukulele sound.

The tenor ukulele measures 26 inches/66cm and has gained popularity in recent years. The sound is a bit different from the ukulele, and you can confuse it with a guitar sound. It has a deeper sound, and this makes it a favorite with professionals.

The last ukulele and the largest is the baritone ukulele. It produces a deeper tone, and at 30 inches/76cm, it sounds more like the nylon stringed guitar. The baritone is, however, the least favorite ukulele due to its size and the fact that it deviates from the typical ukulele sound.

Wood types

The next thing you need to learn about ukulele is that different woods produce them. The main types of wood used for making a ukulele are mahogany, monkeypod, rosewood, koa, mango, or cedar. In Hawaii, the most popular type of wood used is the Koa. Many people prefer it because it has a warm sound because it has a beautiful grain. However, ukuleles made from Koa are more expensive than the rest.

Most the ukulele middle end is often made from mahogany – which also happens to be expensive but not as Koa. The sound from a mahogany ukulele is softer than the Koa. Some of the lower end ukuleles use Spruce which is more affordable.

Ukuleles can either be solid or laminated. Those that are made from solid have the wood inside and outside – this makes them to be very expensive. Laminated ukulele have the solid wood on the outside while the cheaper wood on the inside. The latter are cheap, but the sound is not as refined as that in the solid ukulele.


Selecting the right ukulele can be a challenge if you have never owned one. Your budget will determine the type of ukulele that you purchase. Different brands offer ukulele made of different kinds of wood. Soprano vs. concert ukulele are often differentiated by the size of the instrument with the concert been longer than the soprano. The soprano is the preferred ukulele for beginners.


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