Some Easy songs to learn on ukulele

Easy songs to learn on ukulele

If you have just bought your ukulele and are wondering how you can become a pro, the trick is you start with some easy songs and progress slowly.

Easy songs to learn on ukulele often have just have three or four chords – this is also repetitive. Some of the songs on our list have become international hits, and you can sing along as your practice.

Somewhere over the rainbow

This song has been featured in several films like Finding Forrester, Meet Joe Black, Son of the Mask and 50 first dates. Israel Kamakawiwo’ole produced it in 1993 – who happens to hail from Hawaii where the ukulele is popular. The song has eight chords – C, G, F, Am, E7, D, Dm7 and various variant of the C chords. The many chords may seem intimidating, but the song is straightforward to play.

I’m Yours

This is one of those songs that once you learn them stick to your head for days. Jason Mraz produced the song when he took a single line in the song and played through the ukulele. The shuffling strumming pattern in the song makes I’m yours one of the easy songs to learn on ukulele. The songs uses the following chords C, Am, F, and G.  There moments the artist will throw in a D in the song.

Upside Down

This simple song by Jack Johnson utilizes five chords – E, F#m, A, B, and G#3. The song was featured in the movie Curious George. You can tweak the song and play it in the key of  G, Am, C, D, and Bm.

I Do/Falling for you

Colbie Caillat has produced two easy songs with her ukulele – I do and falling for you. She also has other great hits using the ukulele. Falling for you uses the D, A, Em, and G chords while I do focuses G, D, C, B7, Am, Em, D7, and Cm.

Hey Soul Sister

The song by train is has some similarities to I’m yours by Jason Marz. If you played I’m yours then you will find playing hey soul sister. The trick is to transpose the G in I’m yours and you should soon be singing along to the song. The song also uses the chords G, Em, C, and D.

Tonight you belong to me

This song is a rendition of Steve Martin song in the movie The Jerk. Prudence and patience originally did the song before Steve Martin redid it. It is a fun song using the chords A, D, G and E.


This song by Vance Joy has soon become a must watch video on YouTube. It is one easy song to learn on Ukulele. It is simple because it uses the chords Am, G, and C.

Tears in Heaven

Lastly is this song by Eric Clapton. The song has a sorrowful history to it. Clapton wrote the song after losing his son. The song uses chords A, E, F#m, and D.


These easy songs to learn on the ukulele are fun ways to practice on your ukulele. You can sing along as you enjoy playing the songs.

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