Short guide about How to Play Ukulele for Beginners

How to Play Ukulele for Beginners

You have probably been enthralled when you saw someone play this sweet melodies through their Ukulele and are wondering whether you can replicate the same.

The Ukulele is not a difficult instrument to play once you have the right training. In today’s modern world you do not need to book yourself into class to learn how to play Ukulele for beginners; there several online courses available that give you the flexibility to practice playing at your convenience.

Purchase Ukulele

You cannot start learning unless you first purchase your Ukulele instrument. One of the simplest types of Ukulele to start on is the soprano. One piece of advice that will help you out with your first Ukulele – look for a ukulele that has strings that stick out from the side because they are geared towards tuning. The geared pegs are preferred for beginners as opposed to the friction pegs – they have the strings sticking out from the back of the Ukulele.

Learning how to tune

One thing that has the potential to discourage you to abandon learning how to play Ukulele for beginners is an instrument that is not well tuned.

While people have developed many ways to tune a ukulele you can start with the G chord. This string is closest to you – above the middle C. Next is the C, E and A. This is for a four-stringed ukulele; the 8-string tends to be the most difficult but produces the most robust sound. As you tune the strings, listen to the sounds until you get it right.

The rule when tuning is that as you tighten the peg at the end of each string, the note goes higher while when you loosen it, you have lower notes.

There some electronics that are now available online that when attached to the end of the pegs inform you how well you are doing tuning the strings.

Body position when playing the Ukulele

The next step is to position yourself to hold the ukulele well. For right-handed people, you will be using your right fingers to strum the ukulele so hold it with your left hand. You can play the ukulele standing, sitting on a stool or have a strap attached. Find a position that you are comfortable with.

To play the most straightforward chords – A minor 7th – brush your right forefinger against the string. While frowned upon by experts you can use a plectrum instead of your fingers to strum your ukulele.

You will need to carefully study the chord boxes so that you can learn the positioning of the chords. The chord boxes will help you place your fingers on the string. You can always write this on a piece of paper so that you do not forget.

Have patience with yourself. Many of the expert ukulele players have gotten to where they are through constant practice, and you will get there if you are patient.


Playing the ukulele can be intimidating when you are playing it for the first time, but through constant learning, you should be composing and playing your own songs.


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