List of the Best Electric Tenor Ukulele

Electric Tenor Ukulele

Just like guitars we also have electric tenor ukuleles. If you are used to the traditional ukulele, then it is time you tried something different through the electric tenor ukulele.

Here is our list of some of the best electric tenor ukuleles.

Cordoba 20TM Acoustic-Electric Tenor Ukulele

This is a beautifully made mahogany tenor electric ukulele that has a satin finish. This causes it to create a distinctive sound. The bridge is made from rosewood with gold and pearl tuning machines. You will find the ukulele comfortable on the hands and easy to play. It is one of those ukuleles that have received many positive reviews. Most people have found the ukulele warm sound very good. Once you have the geared tuners tight, you should be producing some amazing sounds.

Kohala Akamai electric tenor ukulele

This ukulele has been crafted with some of the best eastern mahogany wood on its back, top, and sides. This cases to deliver a crisp tone that makes it stand out from other ukuleles. The Kohala has easy playability, and this makes it stand out for beginners.

Kala Tenor Uke Mahogany electric ukulele

While moderately priced the Kala produces a fantastic vintage sound. It is made from a mahogany back and sides with a satin neck. You also get a mahogany fingerboard with a plastic headstock.

Cordoba UKE15TMCE-SB tenor ukulele

This is another great electric tenor ukulele. It is made from mahogany with a rosette and satin edgeburst finish. For the tuning machines, you have the Cordoba silver with pearl buttons. The strings are made from the Aquila new Nylgut tenor 10U.

Vorson FTLUK3BK electric tenor ukulele

The Vorson tenor ukulele stands at a length of 432mm. Vorson have built themselves a name when ti comes to making high-quality ukuleles. You have a tone control process that enables it to excel in tone production. The neck is comfortable to play with due to its adjustable truss rod and bridge. It comes in an attractive black color with a gig bag. The wooden finish makes this ukulele stand out from the crowd. The strings enable the ukulele to produce an even tone. You will find that the available switches work well and result to a smooth play.

When looking for the right electric tenor ukulele, you need to look for those that come with extra electronics like amps.

You should also look carefully at the materials used for the ukulele. Most of the ukuleles are made from maple, spruce or mahogany; the later being the most expensive material. The wood or laminate that is used for construction has a large impact on the type of sounds produced by the ukulele. While plastic laminate causes the ukulele to be cheap, it produces low-quality sounds. Most of the affordable ukulele use a mix of wood for the outer side and something else for the insides.


Finding the right electric tenor ukulele can be a challenge, but once you have done your research well you should be on your way to finding the very best. Choose quality over price.



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