Kala concert ukulele

Kala concert ukulele

If you’ve been around the ukulele community, or you’re considering buying one, one brand that will keep coming up is Kala. The company, Kala Brand Music Co. has set themselves apart as industry leaders when it comes to the ukulele since 2005. The company’s location is in Petaluma, CA, a few miles north from San Francisco.

They also offer a variety of other instruments. Kala also offers instruments at a price range that’s comfortable for everyone. A person starting can get a ukulele that they can take with them as they explore and play. In the same way, a person playing professionally and at events can get something too.

The ukuleles come in different models defined by their colors and finishes. They also have acoustic-electric models for those who look to produce their musical sets. One thing the brand does however boast is the material they use to make their ukuleles. You can expect that, whatever the ukulele costs, they have used only the best materials, with top-notch craftsmanship. As with other big brands in the industry, you’ll undoubtedly be proud to state the brand that you’re using to belt out tunes.

There are also accessories that come with the ukuleles that you get at an added cost. These include humidifiers and protective cases to store your ukulele. Something a beginner will be happy to hear is that the ukuleles often come pre-strung by high-quality strings. They can, therefore, get away without having to know how to change strings for a few months, depending on how often they play.

An indication that Kala is also among the top ukulele brands is the type of sound quality the ukulele produces when played. The tones are clean and bright, something that we all look for when playing or listening to good music.

Pricing guide

As stated, there are ukuleles at different price points. Beginners or even typical players can go for the laminated models that are of top quality. On the other hand, there are those crafted with the most beautiful wood. Pricing starts at below $100 and goes all the way beyond $1000.

One tip that anyone starting should uphold is to first get the inexpensive models first before going for something more expensive. It would be unfortunate if something happened something you’ve paid hundreds of dollars for because you still hadn’t quite mastered how to handle it. This approach doesn’t just apply to ukuleles but also any instrument. The logic of “if I spend a lot of money on it I will be motivated to use it” doesn’t always stand when applied in real life. Anything less than $100 will do just fine.

Kala’s concert ukulele

We’ll start with what a concert ukulele is. The four available types of ukuleles are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone, arranged in their order of size. The concert is up from the soprano. It is heavier, longer and with a neck that’s a bit wider. The added length means that there are more frets on the concert, as well as ample spacing between them for comfortable playing. The total length is 23 inches.

What makes people gravitate towards the concert is that those with bigger hands or fingers find it much easier to play as compared to the soprano that requires more agility and being delicate. It is also ideal for a player at any skill level. The sound is also different; it is warmer notes and a fuller sound and project better too, meaning you won’t necessarily require amplification especially in intimate settings.

Most tutorials you’re likely to come across are from people playing the soprano ukulele. The standard tuning is G, C, E, A that they’ll go about explaining when playing. That knowledge also makes ukulele tabs simpler. Tuning a concert ukulele is the same as this traditional and more known model. It is what produces that island feels that we all associate with the instrument better.

Knowing what to buy

There’s a list of Kala concert ukulele that you can purchase, and quite frankly, you will be spoilt for choice. There have a variety of models that cater to people’s styles and tastes. Two people can have a Kala concert ukulele, and they look very different.

Therefore, when making your way through the list of ukuleles, you can expect the concert to be standard, what will be different is the construction, something that’s also reflected in the price. Examples of what you can choose from include satin, gloss and exotic mahogany, striped ebony, archtop, a banjo style for those wanting to both confuse and stand out, solid spruce mahogany, solid cedar, and travel ukuleles among others.

That then means what you ultimately settle for will have to do with how much you’re willing to spend. From there, you can look at the different types offered between that range and settle for one. That’s usually the best approach. Once you have a few, depending on pricing and what’s available, you can look for online reviews.

Reviews, especially visual ones, are essential because they help us picture what the ukulele will look like in our hands and if it’s what we want. Don’t just rely on one site; people tend to be unknowingly biased so try to settle for those that objectively state the pros and cons, intimately leaving you to make the decision. After the reviews, you’ll have a clearer picture of the ukulele that you want to buy.

Wrap up

When it comes to music, partnering with a brand known to produce high-quality instruments is essential. It affects how you play and how what you produce sounds. The same applies to the ukulele. You don’t want to be taking shortcuts and going for obscure cheaper brands. It might pinch your pocket, but you’re guaranteed years of use before thinking of getting another ukulele. Therefore, when getting a concert ukulele, consider going with a top brand like Kala. Don’t only take others word for it, try for yourself.

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