How to play Ukulele songs

How to play Ukulele songs

If you are new to the ukulele, then you need to start with three or four chords songs. While you would want to start with the popular songs you will discover that they are not that easy.

The digital world consisting of online training videos makes it easy to learn how to play ukulele songs without the need of a trainer.

Here is our list of some easy ukulele songs that you should try out.

Counting stars

The song makes it to our list because it requires repetitive chord strumming. This means you need to be a bit creative to get an interesting melody. Chords used Am, C, G, F

Let it be

This is a Beatle classic and one of their best songs. To make the most of the song strum in a down pattern.

I’m Yours

This is a song by Jason Marz and has been played by many Ukulele players. You will need four chords – C-, G-, Am and F. At the end of the third verse you will be required to play the D7.


This song by Pharrell Williams was at some time holding it down on the number one billboard charts across the globe. It is a great song to boost your moods. The song helps you in inventive strumming by using the E7, C and Bm7 as opposed to the tiring C, F, and G7.

I Still haven’t found what I’m looking for

U2 are renown for some awesome hits, and this single does not disappoint. It maximizes on the following chords – C, F, and G. People are shocked to learn how simple the song is to strum.

Over the Rainbow

This classical song first made its appearance as a soundtrack in the film ‘Wizard of OZ.’ It brings some mellow to your ukulele tunes and requires fewer chords.

Down on the corner

This song by Credence Clearwater Revival makes us of the C, F, G7 chords and is a great song to introduce a player to guitar strumming.

I won’t back down

The song by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers enables you to push-pull rhythm by shortening the time you spend on some chords while at the same time lengthening others. It uses Em, G, D and C chords.

Love Me Do

This is another classic from The Beatles and uses the C, F and G7 chords. The song went on to become an international hit, and many people may be afraid of playing it because of it, but the song is straightforward to play using only three chords.


Vance Joy song is today one of the favorite ukulele songs. Many players find it easy to play due to its use of only three chords – Am, G and C.  The song has a low baritone that sounds like rock. You may need to do some strumming before you get the song right.


Learning how to play Ukulele songs does not have to be that difficult if you have the right lyrics. With constant practice, you should become a pro playing the above songs.

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