How to choose the Best Ukulele Strings

Best Ukulele Strings

If you own a ukulele, then you are aware of the role of the right strings in producing melodies. After playing your ukulele for a long time, you will start noticing that the strings at times sound dull. This is the signal to replace your ukulele string.

The options are numerous, and if not careful you can purchase the wrong string.

La Bella

This is one of the most recognized Italian string makers. The Italian makers have been in the industry for the last 300 years has been supplying church bells in the 1640s. After that they started supplying violin strings and later Ukulele strings. One of their top brands is the Uke-Pro; this a high-quality strings that retain intonations when you fret them. They are made from nylon and are long-lasting. When purchasing La Bella strings note that the No.100 is for tenor and concert ukulele while No. 200 is for the soprano ukulele.


Guitar lovers are well familiar with this brand who have been in existence since the 1920s. Their expertise in making guitars extends to strings. Purchase the M600 Ukulele Fluorocarbon strings for your concert and soprano ukulele. Made from a durable fluorocarbon, the strings retain its quality even after tuning. You can also find strings for the baritone and tenor ukulele.

Aquila USA

The company has used traditional gut strings to produce the Nylgut. While the animal gut is labor intensive, the nylgut is cheaper while maintaining the quality of the strings. The company has patented its strings, and you can find a string for all types of ukulele. The nylgut is not only durable but is available in multiple colors including black.

D’Addario partnered with Aquila to produce gut-like strings called Nyltech. The nyltech offers better tonal stability and has been optimized for the GCEA Ukulele tuning. The Nyltech makes for one of the best ukulele strings.

Aurora colored strings

These colorful strings are durable and make your ukulele to stand out. You have a variety of colors to choose from, and this adds beauty to your ukulele. The strings are excellent for kids who want to learn how to play the ukulele.

Oasis strings

The oasis comes in bright yellow color and is available in bright low G and High G. You can use them in a variety of ukuleles. The high G string is made from durable fluorocarbon while the low G string is made from a mixture of nylon and copper/silver wrapped core.

Materials used

The gut strings are often made from dried sheep and goat intestines, but they go by the name catgut. Most of the traditional ukulele is made from this material. Catgut produces some of the best ukulele strings. Fluorocarbon strings are also used for fishing lines and keep your ukulele in tune. The last material used for the best ukulele strings is nylon.


You will need first to consider the type of ukulele that you will be playing before purchasing a string. Soprano strings work for a soprano ukulele. Getting the wrong string will cause you to produce songs that are out of tune.


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