How much does a Ukulele cost

How much does a Ukulele cost

If you are planning to purchase your first ukulele, then it can be confusing going to the market only to be confronted with different brands and prices. Just like anything else in the market, the brand and quality of an item will largely determine the price. You should expect to spend from between $50 to $1000 on a ukulele.

Before you go into the market, you will need to check out the following factors that determine how much a ukulele costs.

Quality of materials used to

The quality of the materials used to make the ukulele dramatically influences the cost and quality of sounds. The cheapest ukuleles are often made from laminate woods or plastic. The materials produce poor quality sounds, and they do not last long. You also have issues when with laminate when it is humid. Plastic is also a poor quality material that cracks after long-term use or when you drop your ukulele. The neck and frets also cause cuts on your fingers and are often poorly aligned. That is the reason that you should save some money for a good quality ukulele. Most of the trusted brands like Cordoba and Lanikai have some affordable ukuleles for beginners that go for between $50 to $150.


This is the part of the ukulele that is responsible for producing sound. If you have purchased a low-quality ukulele, it is recommended that you change them with quality ones. This should bring to life your ukulele instrument. It is also good that you have an extra pair of strings for those moments when what you have breaks.


You also need to be aware that ukuleles come in different types. We have the soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. You can purchase any depending on the depth of sound that you want. The ukulele will also differ when it comes to body size. Look for one that is easy to hold and play. The more expensive types are often shaped like guitars.


One way to spot cheap ukuleles is that they have an abnormal number of decorations. This is to capture the eye of beginners who may not be aware of what to look out for. If you are interested in having some artworks on your ukulele purchase a quality one and then add the artworks. You should also note that the more expensive ukuleles are often made of mahogany and other quality woods. The finishing is also classy. You should get a quality ukulele for 50 to 150 dollars. This, however, depends on the brand.

Also look out for extras like gig bags and geared tuners. Once you purchase your ukulele, you will need to tune it for it to produce the required sounds.


Selecting a ukulele can be challenging when you have never owned one. But, if this is your first ukulele focus more on quality than price. Expensive ukuleles are often made from mahogany while the cheaper ones are made from plastic or laminate. The cheaper ones produce low-quality sounds and can hinder your ability to learn how to play the ukulele effectively.

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