Best Tips about How to Play Ukulele Chords

How to play Ukulele chords

If you have just purchased your Ukulele, it can be a challenge strumming some chords for the first time. Before you can feel the rhythm, you could find your fingers hurting a little. The chords that are possible with the ukulele are numerous, and you should find some that are easy to start with.

Learning different Ukulele chords

When it comes to playing the Ukulele the first thing you need to understand is that chords are different. You have major, minor and seventh chords. Many are familiar with the seven chords – A B C D E F G. Except the B chord the rest form an integral part of how to play Ukulele chords. The E chord is a bit hard to play but is widely used when playing the Ukulele.

The minor chords give a song produced by a Ukulele an intimate feel. The most important notes that you need to learn first as a beginner include Am, Dm, and Em. This 7th chords will help you when you are thinking of producing some soul, jazz and uptown songs. They chords are A7, B7, C7, D7, E7, F7, G7.

When you are starting you learn some of these chords and advance as you become more comfortable playing your ukulele.

Instructions to playing some basic chords on the Ukulele

The C chord is considered hard to play on the Ukulele for it requires to press upon one string using one finger. For many starting with the C chord teaches you how to play Ukulele chords.

The next easy chord you can try is the F chord. In this technique, you will use two fingers while you reach over other strings to fret.

When playing the A- and C- you hold the E-string using your index finger and at the first fret. Then using your middle finger use it to fret the G-string during the second fret. To ensure a crisp sound ensure that those fingers that you are not using are an arch higher over the strings. This will prevent you from strumming strings by mistake. Listen to the sound produced after that.

Once you are done with the F and C chords the next chord that is a bit harder is the G7 chord. This is because you require three more fingers to fret three strings. To Play the G7 place your index finger on the E-string during your first fret. Then for the second fret position your middle finger on the C-string. The last finger – ring finger – is placed on the A-string during at the second fret.

Similar to the G7 the E7 also uses three fingers. To play it begin by placing your index finger on the G-string at the 1st fret and at the second fret place your middle finger on the C-string. The ring finger is placed on the A-string while at the second fret.


Learning the Ukulele can be challenging for a beginner but you can begin with some simple chords as mentioned above and progress with more difficult chords as you become more proficient.



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