Beginner Uke Songs

Beginner Uke Songs

Your decision to start learning the ukulele is a great one. But before you become a pro, you need to practice on some easy songs and learn the different chords.

Learning the Ukulele requires practice and patience. You will need to allocate some time each day and learn to play some of the beginner uke songs we have mentioned below.


This easy song for beginners has received many reviews from You Tubers. It is an easy song to play and it at times sounds like you are playing a classical guitar. Vance Joy produced the song. It utilizes the G, C, and Am chords.

I Make My Own Sunshine

This is also a favorite for beginner ukulele students. The song was produced by Alyssa Bonagura and features catchy lyrics. You can adjust the song as you become proficient. It utilizes the D, G, C and Em chords.

Upside Down

The song features in the movie Curious George, and for most ukulele fans it is an all-time favorite. The song utilizes just five chords – A, B, E, F#m and G#m.

Hey Soul sister

This song by the train made its debut after Jason Marz rocked the world with I’m yours. You will find a lot of similarities between the two songs. The lyrics are different, but if you have played the former, you should find playing hey soul sister a breeze. It uses the chords Em, G, C, and D.

Tonight you belong to me

Ukulele beginners will encounter this song at some point in their lives. Steve Martin did the rendition of the song in the movie The Jerk. It is a fun song to learn, and you should be singing along to it within no time. The song uses the chords A, D, G, and E.

Tears in Heaven

This is a sad song because the singer made it after his son’s death. The song by Eric Clapton is a great song desiring to play the ukulele. The song has given hope to countless people who have heard it played. While the bridge is a bit tricky, the song is easy to play. It utilizes the A, E, D, and F#m.

I’m Yours

Jason Marz turned this song with his ukulele into a classic. It is one of the favorite beginner uke songs. It has a catchy tune, and you will not feel bored playing it. It uses the C, F, G, and Am chords. To build in some tension, you can include the D chord.

Mele Kalikimaka

This is the last song on our list by Robert Alex Anderson. It is one those songs that you will enjoy on a road trip with friends. They can sing along as you do the strumming. The song may sound difficult, but it is actually very easy to play. It uses the G, D7, C, E, and A7 chords.


Learning the ukulele is easy when you have some beginner uke songs. As you train in some of these songs you increase the number of chords. You can be creative and tweak some of the songs to your taste.

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