Baritone Ukulele songs

Baritone Ukulele songs

If you have been playing the soprano ukulele for a long time then it could be time you tried something different. Amongst the different ukulele types the baritone ukulele is the largest.

When it comes to tuning the baritone ukulele songs you have the D, G, B, and E. Another difference between it and the soprano is that it is tuned from low to high.

Guitarist will find the baritone ukulele easy to play and can easily make the transition.

Playing the ukulele can be a bit different when compared to other ukuleles. For example when it comes to the Em7 chord you will need to open up all the strings. However, this can sound muddy in the beginning.

One of the easiest ways to figure out how to play baritone ukulele songs is to search guitar chords and then dig deeper into the bottom four strings of the chord diagram. This is the best place to find the chord position. Once you have figured the chord positions you can go to the next level and play your baritone ukulele.

Using a Ukulele capo to transpose your playing

You will need to purchase an ukulele capo which you can use to transpose the 5th fret on the ukulele neck. The instrument is used to hold down any of the strings. When placed on the 5th fret it transpose your tuning to G,C, E, A

You also need to learn the chord equivalents. A is D in the concert/tenor/soprano B – E, C-F, D-G, E-A, F-Bb, G-C.

Benefits of the baritone

The soprano chords are often a 4th higher than the baritone chords. The reason some people play some songs with the baritone is because it is mellower and lower. This makes it an excellent companion for someone who is keen on playing ballads. If you find yourself suffering from some finger prick you can replace the brass strings with nylon. This are easier on your fingers.

The baritone ukulele is also great for people playing in a group. It gives the sounds produced diversity. There some chords that are easier to play on the baritone when compared with the other ukuleles.

One of the chords that people dread playing on the other ukuleles is the E chord. When it comes to the baritone you find that this chord is as easy to play as the A in the soprano.

The biggest advantage to having the baritone ukulele is that a guitar player can pick it up and soon be producing some awesome baritone ukulele songs. Most people often refer to the baritone as a small guitar. It also is larger than the other ukulele at 30inches/80cm.


If you are looking for some more bass then you should go with the baritone ukulele. However, you need to realize that ukulele is tuned differently than the soprano, tenor or concert. People familiar with the guitar find playing the baritone easier. The baritone resembles more of a guitar than the ukulele. The soprano is a favorite because it gives you the feel of playing a ukulele.

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