8-string Ukulele

8-string Ukulele

Most people cannot differentiate the sounds produced by their ukulele. The 8 string ukulele is one instrument that many people are not familiar with. However, if you have had an opportunity to grace the Hawaiian music scene you should have encountered the 8 string ukulele.

The popular Hula Halau rhythmic chorus is produced courtesy of the 8-string ukulele. Using the instrument you can produce a series of unison and octave harmonies. When tuned in unison the 8-string Ukulele will produce the highest and lowest stringed pitches for the octave.

Chords played

To produce the soothing chorus characteristic of the 8-string ukulele you will need to learn to play the G, lower octave, higher octave C, C, E, unison E, A and unison A. It can be difficult learning how to play the Ukulele when you start practice with the 8-string ukulele. This is because you need to apply more pressure to hit some notes.

Another challenge you will encounter with the 8-string ukulele is your fingerpick. It takes some time to master the art but you will soon get it.

When purchasing the 8-string ukulele always carry with you some spare strings. You can get this in a music shop or online.


When it comes to tuning it is a bit harder with the 8-string Ukulele. While it takes time to do it – because of the many strings – you can have two identical strings producing a single note.

Tuning the 8-string ukulele is the same as a guitar. The nylon will take some time to tune. The biggest problem is tuning individual strings when they are so close to each other. Some people will use the guitar pick to pluck a single string but this will also require you to be armed with lots of patience.

While the 8-string ukulele is not for everyone it can be used during a group session or jam.


  • The instrument produces a full sound with beautiful resonance
  • You can play up to 5 notes at once
  • Unique instrument to possess
  • By pressing it harder it resembles the 4string ukulele
  • You will find other strings easier to play after using it


  • More expensive compared to other strings
  • Takes longer to learn
  • You do not have the freedom to bend notes

When it comes to playability the 8-string ukulele takes some time to learn. While most of the chords are familiar it is hard pressing two strings instead of one. But the sound produced is worth the effort. We would advise to do some finger exercises so that your fingers get used to pressing strings for a long time.

The 8-string tenors are nice and you should have some great sounds when playing in a group. Tuning can take some time so take it with some patience.


The 8-string ukulele is a great instrument for those who want to create awesome harmonies and octaves. Learning how to play it can take some time and it is not recommended that it be your first ukulele. However, after learning it you should find playing the rest of the Ukulele a bit easy.

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